This is holy shrine of Dera Baba Vadbhag Singh. It is located in Mairi Village near Abm Andaura Railway Station (11 km) of Una District in Himachal Pradesh, India. The distance of the shrine from various North Indian Cities is as under.

This place is really a heaven on earth, individual can easily feel peace in the air . Everything is very sacred in this place . Anyone with pure heart can feel presence of baba ji in the air . This place is full of positive energy. Babaji is always there, not only for their followers but also for everyone. Babaji is very great, he always spread happiness everywhere. Everyone should visit this place once in life . Babaji has something for everyone.

The shrine is in a high valley of the Himalayas. Three features nearby are commonly visited in tours and pilgrimages:

  • The Gurudwara of Dera Baba Vadbhag Singh and nearby Gurudwara.
  • The Shiv Temple
  • The Dhauli Dhar (a modest-flow waterfall and stream).