Pangi valley is approachable through Sach pass located at a height of about 4414 mts (14,47S feet ) from the sea level, and through Cheni pass located at a height of 4385 mts (14,382 feet) above the sea level. Out of the above two, Sach pass is most frequented by the local people, officials serving in Pangi and also by shepherds. Cheni pass is mainly used by the shepherds and some of the local people living in Mindhal, Kulal and Rei villages from where this pass is near. Both passes link Pangi valley with Churah area of Chamba district. Though people have to walk more distance while crossing Sach pass yet it is comparatively easier.

While crossing any pass extreme care and caution is required. A person has to climb steep mountain slopes over snow at a height much above the zone of vegetation. Air is thinner and one can have breathing problems due to lack of oxygen. Every step is a ritual. Normally people cross in groups. Travellers continue their ascent in silence listening to their heart beats as the surroundings are so majestic and overwhelming that one feels guilty of breaking the sublime silence. At times one hears the sound of a falling rock, an avalanche or the roaring of high velocity winds. The travellers carry on with deep faith and reverence till they reach the top where there is a small temple. According to the locals, Bhagwati, the presiding deity, disapproves of any noise within her domain. Travellers offer prayers and rest a while on the top before starting the other part of the journey. The scenery is sublime and limitless charm beholds the eye at the top. The vision extends unto the rivers of the plains towards south. A view is also obtained of Pangi valley from these passes. Snowy pinnacles around the pass add mystique and awe-inspiring dimension to this spectacle.